WHAT ARE THE BEST HAIRCUTS FOR THIS FALL – WINTER 2018? | Professional Hairstyles For Men

They begin the coldest months of the year and with it new trends. Just as we change our sweaters for jackets to be fashionable with the season, also our haircut and Professional Hairstyles For Men.

Brothers, for this Autumn Winter 2018 the tendency is to preserve long hair and not only for the cold, but to adapt it to the hairstyles that will be fashionable. Here we present the best cuts of the season and remember to see what face shape you have to know which one suits you best.


It is very strong for this fall. The sides and the back are shaved with machine and the center leaves it long. You can comb it backwards or sideways. We recommend using waxes and fixing gels to better achieve this hairstyle.


A few years ago, the fringes had gone out of style, but they are coming back strongly. There are different ways to apply this style. You can leave it long and comb it on its side, whether it’s in a pattern or in layers, or with a straight cut, combed to the bottom.


The classic school is stronger than ever with the side stripe hairstyle as one of the main for this fall winter 2018. It is a very careful style and applies to any type of occasion. The line is very well marked and it is essential to apply wax or gel to fix the hairstyle.


It has been a few months in the most tendentious hairstyles of men this tall chino. It is very particular of this look to leave your hair long and tie it with an elastic band on the top of the head. The ‘undercut’ cut is being used with the ‘man bun’.