5 Useful Tips to Prevent an Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail (remedios unha encravada inflamada) occurs when the nail grows or buries inside the skin of a finger (particularly the fat one) of the foot, causing pain and sometimes infection.

To prevent the problem, the United States Podiatric Medical Association suggests:

Cut your toenails perfectly following their edges.

Avoid wearing tight shoes that “squeeze” or exert a lot of pressure on your toes.

Protect your feet from injuries. For example, when you play sports, use the right shoes according to the activity you do.

Use nail cutters to trim them, and use a nail file to soften sharp edges. Never start a nail with your fingers.

Keep your nails trimmed to the tips of your fingers.

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Remember that the toenails that are not fixed correctly can also be incarnated. Therefore, take into account this information:

When the toenails are too short or their edges are rounded instead of being cut right, the nail can curl down and bury itself in the skin.

A poor eyesight and physical inability to easily reach the toe, like having thick nails, increase the likelihood of inappropriate manicuring.

Digging or tearing the corners of your nails can also lead to an ingrown toenail.