LEM Stainless Steel 5 Pound: A Best Meat Grinder for Kitchens

Are you going to purchase the best meat grinder? It sounds very simple but visit to market tells that there are several things to consider before finalizing a deal. Recently, the LEM stainless Steel Meat Grinder has become very popular in the world. Using this meat grinder provides several benefits to user.

as   This meat grinder is known best for the Stable Meat Grinding. It has been rated among the five best grinders being used in the world. The total power potential of this meat grinder is 0.5 HP which is enough to give a fantastic grinding operation at domestic level. The best meat grinder has got stainless steel parts making it more durable and efficient. In order to improve the efficiency of this grinder, the manufacturer has added special Metal Gears. These have got roller bearings responsible to boost the performance.

asOverall rating of this meat grinder is 4.8/5.0. It is an ideal option for the kitchens at homes. Normally this grinder is considered best for the domestic use where meat grinding not an often case. The size and shape of this grinder is idea that’s why it is easy to place it on the countertops.


  • Most of the meat grinder reviews suggest that it is efficient for small kitchen projects.
  • Stainless steel parts are good for the durability as well as grinding of semi-frozen meat.


  • Some users have mentioned that feeding hole is very small.
  • This grinder doesn’t provide reserve grinding option.
  • On the other hand, the machine is little heavier that other options.