It is convenient to buy a safe for our home, because thanks to it we can protect our most precious objects against the attack of thieves, fires, and other dangerous situations. While some years ago this element was associated with people of the highest class, they have now become popular and can be acquired by a large part of the population. We give you some tips to find the right model Safes reviews.


It is not difficult to decide which type of safe is the most suitable for us, although we must take into account some details, such as size. It is important to measure the dimensions well, making sure you have enough capacity to store everything you want. It is also essential to decide previously where we are going to locate the box, since depending on this we can choose different models (embedded in the wall, floor, etc.).

On the other hand, the objects that we are going to store also influence the type of box we must buy. For example, to store weapons we will need a homologated model of Grade I or Grade II, depending on the type of weapon and the license that we have.

Ideally, the security level of our safe should be as high as possible. It must consist of some basic elements, such as a door of great thickness, system of closing and opening, or bolts, which move inside the door to block it (the safest include approximately a dozen).

It has to offer a real protection against theft, being immune to the use of tools such as hammers, keys, levers, drills or saws. Also, the convenient thing is that weigh more than 30 or 40 kg, so they cannot take it easily. It is also important that you do not allow liquid to enter inside and that it is resistant to fire. An electronic code for its opening will also help us to prevent an intruder from opening the box.


Everything depends on the level of protection we want. In Teminsa we have some practical and economic models, such as this safe to embed , with high security electronic lock and lower and upper bolts. Your door has a thickness of 10 mm.

In second place we see a safe to embed in the wall, whose steel door has a thickness of 6 mm. The armor of the body is composed of steel furred and cut by laser. It has mechanisms protected with anti-drill plate of manganese steel. In addition, it has an emergency key and an electronic combination lock.

We continue with this model of strong box to embed in the wall, with system of opening by key and electronic, by means of keyboard. It has a locking system with 4 bolts, a 6 mm steel door and mechanisms protected by an anti-drill plate made of manganese steel. And finally, we present this safe to embed with high security electronic lock, and upper and lower bolts. Your door is about 10 mm thick.