Give a personalized gift!

The time has come again; someone from your area is having a birthday or giving a nice party. What are you going to give him or her? You are in the hair with your hands because you really have no idea. Many things have already been given to you and you do not like an envelope with money in it. How about a personalized gift?

It is personal, unique and fun! What are you going to give exactly and what are you going to put on? On the basis of these questions I give you a number of examples that you can use to come to your own creative gift.

What makes you happy with the other person?

You know who the gift is for, but where can you really make the person happy? Think of his or her hobby. What does he or she really enjoy? From football, crafts, making music to horseback riding or cuddling with cats. Play on the passion or hobbies of him or her, then it cannot go wrong.

A personalized gift. Let’s get creative!

You know what the theme of your gift will be. Whether you have chosen football, music or something else, you can now look for a gift that fits. Below are a few ideas:

A mug

Giving a personalized mug as a gift is something else, but very nice. You can put a picture of the little one on it, a beautiful wedding photo or that one nice picture of last year in Santorin. However, you do not only have to think in pictures, you can also have a nice text printed on a mug. For example, create an inspiring or motivating quote. That way, you will make every day a smile or his or her face.

Decoration for the home

Do you have a housewarming on the planning soon? Make the other happy with something nice in the interior. There are several things that you could give. Think of a personalized pillow, magnets, coasters, a candle holder, a clock, a doormat or a coat rack. A personalized item always does well!

A phone case

Make a mobile phone even more fun with a personalized case. Make a collage of nice photos that are made during a beautiful wedding, anniversary or top holiday. You can also use quotes that inspire and motivate. Provide the other beautiful memory to enjoy.

View the possibilities

You know what you want. Your best friend’s birthday and is a real cat lover. That you are going to do something with cats is certain. But now? What exactly are you going to print and what do you use to print it? See what the possibilities are and what fits best with your idea.

To give you an idea, there are many possibilities. Nowadays you can make it as crazy as you want. You can print photos or texts almost anywhere. For example, do you go for a mug with a picture of your best friend, her cat, personalized t shirts for family with a nice text like ‘meaaoon’ on it or are you going for a nice ‘cats’ quote? A photo collage of cute cats, a photo book or photo on canvas is also possible.