Does bicarbonate help fight cancer?

One of the alternative treatments that has been most talked about in recent times is that which attributes almost miraculous properties to sodium bicarbonate as a definitive Cancer Treatment.

Unfortunately, many times the search for a miraculous cancer cure causes inaccurate information to be handled or, failing that, false that, in many cases, can cause irreversible damage to people who choose to try such alternative methods.

But let’s start from a fundamental premise. The best therapy that exists against cancer is the one that is supported in exhaustive studies and in proven medical evidence. In parallel, there are alternative methods that, together with traditional treatments, can have a positive impact during the treatment of the disease.

The truth of baking soda

For many years, bicarbonate was used to reduce the impact of chemotherapy on the body at the time of its application.

But the fact that bicarbonate has certain beneficial properties for oncological patients does not mean that under any point of view it should be taken as a ‘definitive cure’ or a ‘miraculous product’. Mishandling the product can have fatal consequences, including the death of the patient.

And this happens because the human body usually resists any attempt to change its pH, so the sodium bicarbonate is discarded from the body through the kidneys. However, when the doses administered exceed the recommended level, this can cause a condition called alkalosis, which is characterized by a high mortality rate.

In short, under no circumstances should sodium bicarbonate be considered a product for the treatment of cancer, let alone as a miraculous resource. It is finally the diagnosis of a health professional that should determine the best treatment to follow.