Digital screen printing on T-shirts

The digital textile screen printing allows you to make designs in full color, gradients, blurring and wefts, endless possibilities without limits, and from 1 unit without the cost of photoliths or screens.

The integration and layer of ink unlike the traditional printing is thinner in white and colored garments the impression seems to be integrated into the fabric so the touch is very soft and fine. Screen printed digital prints are ideal for designers t shirt for boy friend & girl friend, advertising agencies, event and product presentation, online stores, collections, parties, birthdays, bachelor parties, clothing samples or simply your shirt with your favorite design.

This stamping system is designed to give solutions to impressions that cannot be done with traditional methods since the production cost would be very high personalized best friends t shirts. We use last generation Brother Machines with ecological inks to print with the best result.

Qualities of digital textile screen printing and digital printing of T-shirts

  • It allows to print different designs in full color.
  • Full color prints with maximum detail and definition.
  • It does not need screens or photoliths.
  • The print is integrated into the garment without plasticizing.
  • The printed surface is breathable on the garment.
  • Resists washing while retaining the appearance of the first day.