8 Tips to have more followers on Instagram quickly

Without mincing words, social networks are one of the greatest indicators of success for businesses, brands, influencers and creators today; That is why we have created a complete guide with tips to have more followers on Instagram quickly and give your profile the boost it needs.

Each of these tips to have more followers on Instagram quickly has been born from experiences and constant trial and error to guarantee their effectiveness; So, if you are looking to increase your followers on Instagram, encourage yourself to take these tips, adapt them to your account and put them into practice to have a larger audience on the platform buy ig followers cheap.

What is your goal after getting followers?

Before starting with the tips to have more followers on Instagram quickly, we must start with the most basic foundation of any strategy:

Why do you want to get more followers on Instagram?

The importance of having an answer to this question from the beginning is simple; since it will allow you to design strategies and create habits that help you get followers that go beyond a number on your profile; but you will be able to work to transform the action of each user by following you into new opportunities to get closer to your goal.

Do you want more followers on Instagram to promote your store’s products? Brilliant!

Are you an artist (musician, designer, photographer or creator of any kind) and want more followers to appreciate your creations? Perfect!

Do you want to have many followers on Instagram to become an influencer? Cool!

Each of these objectives requires a strategy that not only helps you gain followers, but also to get the best followers on Instagram as required to achieve your goals.

Our tips to have more followers on Instagram quickly. Use hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent tool to gain visibility on Instagram, as long as we use them correctly.

The first: There are specific hashtags that will help you generate quick interactions such as #tags4likes, #instadaily, #like4like and many others similar to these three examples. Likewise, there are hashtags focused on helping you get followers such as #siguemeytesigo, #follow4follow and #f4f.

Using these hashtags in your posts will help you get followers quickly. However, you should keep in mind that generic hashtags will not help you get visibility from users within your niche; but from a greater number of users with diverse interests.

The second: It consists of using niche hashtags that, although they will get you less exposure, this will be focused on users interested in content similar to that of your account; as long as you use relevant hashtags in your posts. This is a long-term strategy that will allow you to attract followers on Instagram consistently. You can get an idea about these types of hashtags by checking the posts of your competitors and influential accounts within your niche.

In addition, you can interact with this type of hashtags to stimulate other users and make them respond to your interactions or even encourage them to follow you. Instagram offers the ability to follow specific hashtags so you can interact with the posts they group together, this can help you stay up to date with new trends and be active within your niche.

Depending on your goals, you could combine both types of hashtags to have quick and ephemeral results but stimulate the growth of your account in the long term.

Buy followers on Instagram

Buying followers on Instagram is a quick, effective and safe practice; as long as we use a Instagram followers service that is reliable and has a good reputation.

Thanks to the growth of Instagram in recent years, different alternatives have been born to pay for followers, but be careful! Before purchasing, make sure it is a trustworthy place that allows you to buy real followers without risking the security or functioning of your account.

Share posts to your account

Sharing the content of other influential Instagram users is an effective strategy to get followers and you can do it easily with some apps to repost photos and videos from other accounts.

This not only helps you alleviate the work of creating content, but it creates bonds within your community and strengthens the bond you have with your followers. Although it is not about sharing only content from other accounts, you can do it from time to time to stimulate the growth of your profile.

Tag other accounts

Tagging other users in your posts can help you gain followers quickly, but don’t abuse it!

The effectiveness of this tip depends on the value your post brings to the users you are tagging; so first you must make sure that there is interest in your content (if they follow you) and that you create interesting or valuable content for your audience.

If you have questions about which new users to tag and which not to tag; It is best to limit yourself to tagging accounts with which there is already prior contact.

Use Instagram Stories strategically

The reach of Instagram Stories is unquestionable. This format, despite its ephemeral nature, has become one of the most effective on the platform; especially when it comes to visibility, reach and interactions.

On top of everything, Instagram Stories can be used to gain followers on Instagram quickly. To do so, you must take into account the following:

Include the location in your stories: Adding the location to your stories will make them appear in the search results of users with interests related to said location; increasing the chances that they will find yours and decide to take a look at your profile.
Include hashtags: Like location, hashtags will make your stories appear in related search results, increasing the overall visibility of your profile.
Include your username: The algorithm identifies this as a call to action, which can increase the chance of gaining more followers.

In addition, you can also use tools and templates to create impressive Instagram Stories and optimize their results.

Interact with other users

The logic behind this advice is pretty simple: Why wait for followers to come to you when you can go out and find them?

After building a good Instagram profile, encourage yourself to like, comment and even follow other users. This will show you active within your niche and will cause interested users to respond to these interactions and perhaps decide to follow you.

The effectiveness of this technique is to initiate interactions with users who fit the profile of your target audience.

Link your Facebook page with your Instagram account

By linking your Facebook Page to your profile, you will have access to additional tools and features that the platform has introduced for creators, companies and businesses. Such as the possibility of creating a company or creator profile to have access to Instagram statistics and campaigns that, thanks to the Facebook database (parent company of Instagram), allows you to create segmented ads according to the demographic characteristics of your target audience.

Take care of the aesthetics of your publications

Whether we talk about photos or videos, you must keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform, so defining an attractive aesthetic will be crucial to quickly gain followers on Instagram.

There’s no quick way to determine what your aesthetic will be, as this requires time and experimenting with different posts to hone different aspects, from the style of photos or videos to the filters and editing tools you use.

Some basic tips for publishing quality photos and videos:

Lighting: Well-lit photos not only look better, but are capable of generating up to 24% more interactions.
Predominant colors: Establishing a predominant color in your photos can help you get 17% more likes. An important fact: For some reason, photos with blue as the predominant color usually generate 24% more likes compared to photos in which red predominated.
Less is more: Photos and videos with too many elements may not please as many users.
Appeals to the senses: Combining textures and filters can help you awaken sensations from visual stimuli, or auditory stimuli if we talk about videos. Posting photos with textures usually generates 79% more interactions than flat photos.
No to oversaturation: Excessively saturated photos may look striking, but they generate the opposite effect to the desired one. In general, photos with lower saturation tend to be more appreciated by Instagram users

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