6 tips to ensure that nothing goes wrong when sending Christmas presents

Pack packages without loops and cords

In order for the post office to reach its destination on time, the packaging must be right. Colorful ribbons, cords and wrapping paper should be better left out. Such a gift makes an impression, but the cords get tangled up quickly in the sorting machines. Even old packages with barcodes should not be used as they also confuse the sorting machine click here.

Uniquely name the recipient

Recipients should not be nicknamed. Otherwise there may be difficulties. The parcel can not be delivered and must be picked up later in the parcel shop. This happens, for example, quickly when Tina is on the package, but in the identity card Bettina is noted.

If you send Christmas mail to children, the best thing is to specify a parent as the recipient. Otherwise it can be a problem if the child does not have a passport that the parcel service accepts.

Recipient must accept the package at home

If the postman rings and the recipient is not at home, the parcel will not arrive. It does not matter if the package was sent in time. Many service providers therefore offer shipment tracking . The tracking number shows where the package is currently located. Some service providers can also find out when the package is expected to arrive. Hermes promises its customers a window of one to three hours. DPD even advertises to predict the arrival to an hour exactly.

Use newsprint and bubble wrap

Vases, glass frames or wine glasses – if you want to make sure that the gift arrives safely to the customer, send the presents in appropriate boxes with sufficient bubble wrap and newspaper.

Insure expensive gifts

Not everything that breaks or disappears on the way is insured. At DHL, for example, only packages up to a value of 500 euros are insured.   To send cash in normal letters is generally not allowed at Deutsche Post.

The alternative is the VALUE National Service. Thus, cash and valuables can be sent within Germany as insured letter. In the case of property, Deutsche Post is liable up to 500 euros, with cash up to 100 euros. The price for the value letter is 4.30 euros plus postage.

Attention on shipments abroad

For Christmas parcels that are sent abroad, not only the stable packaging, but also the content is relevant. Home-baked cookies cannot be shipped to any country. If you want to send food abroad, you should inquire about the import regulations.