4 golf accessories you must have to keep your health intact as well as boost the performance of the game

Golf can be a passionate game for all enthusiasts, regardless of gender and skill level. It is perhaps because of this passion that they try too hard to increase their performance in the course ben hogan ft worth irons review. While this is good and necessary to a certain extent, it should not be at the expense of health. It is generally found that a prolonged period of hard practice or play often makes decisions resulting from chronic medical conditions damaging the joints of the different body and causing frequent, lasting pain. This is something that no golfer would like to experience, no matter how intense the passion for the game is! After all, that result due to passion ultimately leads to poor performance!

Therefore, it is better to do something that can help improve performance without affecting your health. Bearing this fact in mind, here are four golf health accessories that claim to take care of your physical condition, which is enough to maintain or improve your performance.

Magnetic bracelets (athletic bracelets)

In the world of health, magnets have already caught the attention of several doctors because of their healing properties. It has been found that the magnets used in golf bracelets release medicinal energy from their magnetic field, which tends to relieve body pain. In addition, its ionic strength helps in improving the function of iron in the blood as well as boosting the supply of oxygen to different parts, especially the forearms and wrists, which means relief of body pain and discomfort after playing in those areas. This can result in improved changes as well.

Copper bracelets

Copper is known to have therapeutic properties as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. As a result, many golfers feel relieved from the symptoms of inflammation caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A copper bracelet addresses joint pain and stiffness effectively. Although worn on the wrist, the bracelet has positive impact on all other joints of the body.

Hand and foot warmers

These golf accessories take care of our hands and feet during the cold winter season. Although they do not cure an ailment, they are fully functional to deliver warmth to your feet and mittens for almost 24 hours (depending on which brand you are considering).

Keeping them warm, it is obvious that these accessories ensure stable or stolen performance even during cold days. You can choose disposable or reusable warmer, but the latter usually contain chemicals, which means you have to see them for the side effects of allergies.


You can even consider joint props and hand grip tapes to boost strength, dexterity and endurance. They can protect your joints, as well as improve performance without any side effects!