10 ideas for your company to improve its presence on social networks

They are part of our routine, we spend considerable time on them, we interact more and more through their use and we even enter to buy, inform ourselves and entertain ourselves. However, having a social profile open for personal use is far from working on the positioning of a brand on social media and the attributions or oversights that are allowed to be committed in the private sphere can lead the company directly to an online reputation crisis. To avoid any vice, improvisation or ignorance, we are going to give you 10 tips that will be of considerable help so that your firm can work on its presence on social networks as it deserves and corresponds buy facebook comments.

We recognize it without preamble. There is no company that has not come to Fuego Yámana falsely believing that by opening a new Facebook account their business would be saved as if by divine art. Taking them almost as a banality mixed with black magic to attract money, there are many entrepreneurs who lack answers to our questions related to why , how, where, for whom and when they will use these social platforms .

For a brand to use social networks it must have, above all, an objective; For this reason, before registering, you must evaluate very honestly what you are looking to achieve in a certain community. And just as each platform pursues a purpose, it also has its audience and the audience that is present in a more visual network is not the same as in another for professional exchange.

Given the segmentation of the public that each network has , it is understandable that not all of them serve to address the same type of user and therefore that you have to better know your followers present in each of them to address yourself with a message according to the medium and the specific audience. This point clearly puts at its antipodes all-terrain companies that want to be present in absolutely all the networks that exist without being aware that their business plan may not need them but rather more actively use only two or three profiles and have them well updated and optimized.

And here comes another of the myths. There are several companies that consider that a greater number of followers leads to a successful presence on social networks. However, the credibility of a brand, far from depending on the number of fans it has in its network (which can be as fake as purchased), lies in the quality and potential they have . In very few cases, quantity is usually better than quality and when it comes to followers it is better to have a considerable but loyal community than a multitude of dispersed users who are totally unaware of your publications.

Much more than just being on the networks
Do you feel that your company is lagging behind in its presence on social networks compared to the competition? Are you worried about not knowing what to do to connect with your community? Do you have a person assigned to publish but they do not achieve the stated objectives? If so, don’t worry! All of these symptoms are more common than you think. To succeed in social media you have to do something more than “be” on the right network at the right time. Fashions vary, consumption or leisure habits are renewed and the popularity of one app can change to another in just days .

First of all, you have to know how to master the ad scheduling and monitoring tools since only with optimized Marketing management is it possible to minimize the times and maximize the usefulness of the publications; But you also have to know the target audience, know where they are, how they communicate and what interests them . Recognizing what values ​​they look for in you, what they want you to communicate and how to do it is essential to position yourself better in their minds, provoke a positive reaction in them and stimulate the action that your brand seeks.

10 tips to improve your presence on social networks
Getting on the Social Media boat brings enormous benefits but to generate new relationships and strengthen existing ones it is necessary to manage a solid presence on social networks . Finding and cultivating the right links is the key to the growth of your digital business and to do this you must focus on building a good influence radar that is based on a strong social authority that shares the right content at the right time, to the relevant community. and in the right way . Let’s see then 10 ideas that can help you achieve this!

1- Create your profile on the networks that deserve it
Extremes are never good. In Social Media, most companies maintain a monogamous or polygamous presence: they make exclusive (and excessive) use of a single platform to attract their target audience, completely ignoring other potential networks, or they establish themselves on multiple platforms in a uniform manner and with the same content published automatically in each of them.

If in your case you have not yet started planning your presence on social networks, our advice is that you choose which of them you are going to make an effort to maintain dynamic activity . Think about why they are important for your business and that way you will be able to determine where you want to go with them. Enter each of these platforms and encourage yourself to interact with your competition or associated brands through them and then extrapolate and imagine if one of those firms were your own company: if you feel comfortable with that interaction, it is because there you have it. a potential channel that deserves to be explored and taken advantage of.

2- Know your audience and their needs
One of the most important parts of improving your social media presence is knowing your audience before connecting with them . And the best way to start is with in-depth research that gathers the greatest amount of information for later analysis. Once you have defined your target according to characteristics that can range from gender, age, occupation, training, location or economic income, you will have to focus on building content designed for that type of ideal client. .

Once you have defined the demographic part, you can move forward with “softer” characteristics such as hobbies, interests, pastimes and needs. The objective of this step will be to know your audience to the point of being able to be empathetic and naturally sympathize with the group . What do we want to tell you with all this? Understand what motivates them, what their problems and needs are , and really put yourself in their everyday shoes!

3- Optimize your profile on the networks
If you’ve already set up your social profiles (or someone has done them for you), we recommend that you review them. Are they well optimized? Are they customized to suit the firm? Do they have the latest updated logo of your brand or the most recent photo of your team? Is the cover image in its indicated size? Were all the description sectors used to explain the details and specialties of the company? It is worth taking a few minutes to check or adjust your social networks at least once a quarter and frequently update the visual and textual content that gives life to your social community.

4- Avoid all types of errors in daily management
Many people underestimate social networks, but the truth is that they are a delicate playing field in which making mistakes is very easy . Furthermore, it is a transparent medium in which things work in front of the public and any “gaffe” is very difficult to hide (deleting the update is not enough), much less ensuring that others are not aware of it. what has happened.

5- Put together an effective social strategy
To boost your sales through social networks you need a flow of contacts and recommendations between all the apps in which you are present. How to achieve this if the mere presence on Facebook or Instagram is not enough to compete in the voracious social stratosphere? Work on a well-defined social strategy that actively involves your target audience, makes them participate in a contest or giveaway, communicates your vision in a fun way and tries to meet your Digital Marketing objectives.

6- Create and manage a content calendar
Having well defined the ideas, themes and type of ad, Fuego Yámana recommends that you create a spreadsheet with a detailed calendar day by day, week by week and month by month, highlighting the time, days and which social networks you will be on. sharing what messages. The best thing is to intersperse the publication dates on the various networks and use different formats such as images, videos, texts, infographics, downloadable resources and even news from your sector to keep your audience attentive and well supplied.

7- Share content generated by your followers
If you have highly committed users and the brand enjoys very healthy engagement, there is nothing better for both parties than sharing that content generated by your followers or fans. This point is usually an infallible way to improve your presence on social networks since by viralizing your community’s messages, productions or comments you will stimulate the contagion effect on others at the same time that you will give a very human touch to them. your networks , achieving stronger and more faithful ties with your users.

8- Use tools thinking intelligently
The Internet is full of tools that can help you manage, track and analyze your social media efficiency . From Facebook Insights , TweetDeck , Hootsuite , Followerwonk , Social Mention, Audiense (formerly SocialBro) , SumAll to BuzzSumo (just to name a few), you have endless apps available to simplify your efforts on social media and optimize your actions for maximum conversion. . If you have questions about how to apply an effective look at your presence on social networks, at Fuego Yámana we can help you!

9- Increase the viralization of your content
Getting content to go viral on social networks is the ultimate goal of every Community Manager. But for this, creating content, clicking “publish” and waiting for users to share it on their profiles is no longer enough. Networks offer you the perfect opportunity to strengthen the connection with your current clients but above all, to attract new prospects to increase your list of subscribers and boost your sales.

If you want your content to be shared and go viral, try various publications and productions , such as a super-detailed tutorial that explains step by step how to use your product or service, an infographic that clearly and visually clarifies the benefits of your proposal, a list of tools or applications that make your users’ lives easier, discounts in exchange for social interaction, unlocking part of the content on your blog or news portal in exchange for a social share, innovative contests that invite your followers to participate, mentions of celebrities or experts in your sector, labels and hashtags to participate in specific conversations, and inspiring and reflective quotes or phrases that are possible for your readers to use and share .

10- Monitor your presence on social networks
Knowing if what you are doing works is essential to detail the future of your digital actions; And for this you have to listen to what they say about your brand to adjust, repair or determine your new Social Media Plan . This type of information will give you nothing more and nothing less than the measurement of metrics . Collect as much data as you can about the spread and impact of your content and take the time to analyze the reach of your posts and what your audience has done with those messages. As in life itself, what matters in social networks is knowing your past, to diagram your present and plan your future.

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