Why Invest in Digital Advertising?

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Increase sales, conversions and visibility of your brand are some of the objectives of any marketing campaign. The fulfillment of these objectives requires assessing the need to invest in digital advertising . We tell you what benefits it brings, what types of digital advertising exist and how to use them so that your business benefits.

Many companies, regardless of their size, are betting on this new type of advertising that complements and, in some cases, replaces traditional advertising.

Based on the Advertising Investment in Digital Media Study conducted by IAB in collaboration with PWC, digital advertising has gone from 29% in 2016 to 31% in 2017 with respect to the total advertising investment . Advertising investment in digital media therefore occupies second place in the media list, preceded by television. Regarding the most used means are the following:

Search : with 51% investment. Companies invest a lot of money in search engine positioning .

Video : with 10.3%. The content in video format keeps growing.

Display : with 35.6%. In this sense the banner is one of the essential elements.

As you can see, the data is conclusive and gives an idea of ​​the growth that digital advertising is experiencing in recent years.

What are the advantages of investing in digital advertising?

Whether your company is large or has a smaller size, you can benefit from the advantages of investing in Vimar Digital Marketing, which are the following:

Availability and visibility . We all know that the internet does not sleep and digital advertising either, so it is available 24 hours a day, which means that your company can be visible to millions of people around the world.

Cost reduction. A digital advertising campaign can be done without a large investment. You’re just going to need a huge dose of creativity to create something original and eye-catching.

Existence of a great variety of formats. In online advertising you can use a large number of formats that will be adapted depending on the devices: videos, banners, pop up or pop-up windows, etc. without many complications.

Online optimization A digital advertisement can be done in a few minutes, but the best thing is that if it does not work or if there is an error, it can be modified or optimized very fast and online. This is unimaginable or much more complicated with an advertisement for television or radio, for example. To do this you must analyze the results obtained and make sound decisions .

Possibility of segmenting the public. This is one of the main advantages of online advertising over traditional advertising. The objective is to direct our ad to a very specific group of people potentially interested in our product or service. It is not only about geographically segmenting, but tastes or lifestyles are also taken into account, for example, which allow a much more exhaustive segmentation.

Interaction. An online advertisement allows customers to react and comment, information that will allow you to meet your target and you can take advantage to improve your campaigns.

Results measurement. Carrying out a campaign with a goal requires measuring the results to know if that objective has been achieved or not. Digital advertising means that measurement is much easier with tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads statistics, Instagram, etc.

However, in order to benefit from these advantages you will have to find a balance between being visible and not being “heavy” for your customers. Our customers receive more and more messages and offers from us and our competitors, so it is important to add value and not saturate with digital advertising campaigns.