This is How The Famous Green Juices Are Prepared For Healthy Weight Loss

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Prepare delicious juices to detoxify your body and achieve your ideal weight.

For some time green juices have become fashionable, as a method to lose weight, stay healthy or detoxify from excesses and food amazing grass.

These juices, as the name implies, are made with legumes and green vegetables mixed with fruit, which are crushed and mixed in a blender. This method of preparation allows the food to retain its nutrients.

The most used vegetables in these drinks are cucumber, spinach, asparagus, parsley, lettuce and celery, mixed with fruits such as pineapple, lemon, strawberry and kiwi. It is recommended 3 servings of vegetables for 1 of fruits. You can take it at breakfast time, before going to train or as a snack.

These drinks provide energy, cleanse and regulate the digestive system, give a feeling of fullness, strengthen the immune system, reduce blood pressure and promote weight loss, among many other benefits.

Sometimes the day prevents us from preparing our own juices, so we bring you 3 supplements based on green foods that you get from Amazon.

  1. Green chocolate powder

This 100% organic supplement is a mix of vegetables, fruits and plants that include wheat grass and coconut water. It is rich in proteins, micronutrients, flavonoids and phytonutrients.

Eliminates harmful toxins and provides energy while facilitating digestion, increases immunity and promotes the loss of fat by organic detoxification. It does not contain colorants, sweeteners or gluten.

  1. BodyBrite Superfood

Organic powder composed of Alfalfa Leaf, Wheat, Barley, Broccoli, Beet , Acai, Maca, Mangoes and Papaya. It can be diluted in water and mixed with fruits.

This green supplement can relieve stress, provide energy, contribute to weight loss and improve digestion. Ideal for the elderly. You find it on Amazon for less than $ 30.

  1. Juice with collagen protein

This green juice contains collagen protein enriched with herbs, vegetables such as Moringa, Alfalfa, Spinach, Broccoli, Aloe vera, Parsley and active probiotics. Free of dyes and artificial ingredients.

The Super Bodi Green Juice is an ideal supplement for women who want to tone the body. Taking it daily increases your energy and rejuvenates skin, hair and nails.