The Definitive Guide to Increase Testosterone Naturally

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Men secrete a substance called testosterone, which is the male hormone par excellence. This is essential, and plays a fundamental role in sexual reproduction (occurs mainly in the testicles) and other physiological processes such as the growth of muscle mass. Maintaining adequate levels of this hormone in our body is fundamental to our health buy Nugenix, so we tell you in what ways you can increase it naturally.

Do not drink alcohol

Yes, unfortunately, alcohol lowers our testosterone levels. As a consequence, our estrogen levels increase and the zinc that our body is able to absorb decreases. Do not go crazy for a beer, but regular and continuous consumption can cause serious problems, and not only at the level of testosterone.


Practicing exercise is not fundamental just to extend our life and improve it, it is also one of the responsible for maintaining optimal levels of testosterone, especially in the case of strength training, as shown by rigorous scientific studies. Who does not feel more powerful after a good workout?


Well, this is logical. The more sexually stimulated we are, the greater the production of testosterone. A simple erection raises our levels of this hormone, and scientists have ensured that watching films with pornographic content are able to raise this substance in our body up to 40%.

Adequate food

We must make sure to take enough zinc and magnesium in our diet, although we can also obtain it through supplements. In addition, we have to consume enough saturated and monounsaturated fats, as they are directly related to the increase in testosterone. Also, it is important not to restrict diets for long periods of time. That is, try to spend as much time as possible in caloric surplus.

The importance of sleep

Most of the testosterone (and growth hormone) is produced during sleep. Therefore, it is logical that we hear from time to time that “sleeping is when the muscles grow”. In addition, poor sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and sleep is a fundamental factor of recovery for great athletes, who are advised to sleep up to 9 or 10 hours a day.

Eliminate your body fat

The higher your body fat percentage, the higher your estrogen levels will be. Therefore, it is not a surprise that men who have more muscle have higher testosterone levels. Body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase which converts your ‘male’ testosterone into ‘female’ estrogen, causing your testosterone levels to be reduced.

Avoid stress

Stress means cortisol, which although necessary for our body, is our enemy if we want to maintain high testosterone levels. Practicing some kind of meditation or mindfulness can be very beneficial for our health: according to a study carried out in cancer patients, its practice was effective in reducing stress levels in both male and female patients, and likewise showed benefits in the mood disorders.