Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter

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Learn who is Tai Sui (太岁) – Grand Duke Jupiter. Free Feng Shui Information to appease him.

Tai Sui, also known as Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year is probably one of the most highly respected and feared deity in the Chinese beliefs. It is said that if your Zodiac animal clashes with the Tai Sui or you have inadvertently offended him, bad luck will befall you for the whole year. In order to have a good and peaceful year, you need to pay your respect to the Tai Sui 2019.

There are two diverging explanation on the origin of Tai Sui. According to the scientific school of thought the Tai Sui phenomena is attributable to the movement of Jupiter (hence the name Grand Duke Jupiter), which impacts the magnetic field around us, depending on the year we were born.

Whereas in the Chinese mythology, the Grand Duke Jupiter or more commonly known as Tai Sui (太 岁 ) is actually a position in the celestial heavens which is in charge of the world’s affairs for a particular year, i.e determining the annual fortunes of all of us mortal beings. Just as the Jade Emperor is the Ruler of Heaven, the year Tai Sui is the Ruler of Earth. The above is related to the Taoist calendar which is organized into a series of twelve Earthly Branches (the Chinese Zodiac animals) rotating in accordance to the five elements, resulting in a 60 year cycle. And in other words, there are 60 heavenly generals who would rotate to take up this almighty position. A person’s happiness, health, luck and fortune are all under his watchful eye. It actually serves as a reminder to stay away from evil activities, to take good care of health and to perform more caring activities. The year Tai Sui will take note of all the good deeds and misdeeds of everyone. In 2018, the ruling Tai Sui is General Jiang Wu (姜武).

Therefore irrespective of whether Tai Sui is a deity or a star (a “body of energy”), it pays to heed the location of the Tai Sui of the year so as not to inadvertently disturb him (or it!). An offended Tai Sui will cause misfortunes, from mild to the severe kind. Every year two of the Zodiac animals must take steps to appease the Tai Sui because one is directly afflicted (sitting) whilst the other is directly in conflict (facing) with the Grand Duke. As Tai Sui is always located in the same compass direction as the Year Animal Sign, this is the afflicted Zodiac whilst the sign in the diagonally opposite sector is said to be in conflict with Tai Sui. In 2018 Dog year for instance, the position of Tai Sui is at North West 1 (home sector of the Dog), so those born in the year of the Dog are directly afflicted with Tai Sui whilst the Dragon which is located in South East 1 is in direct conflict with Tai Sui. Additionally, the Sheep (South West 1) and Ox (North East 1) are indirectly in conflict with Tai Sui.

What this means is that you have incurred the wrath of Tai Sui (or in some kind of energy conflict with the ruling star, if you like) and remedial steps must be taken to appease him and preventive measures carried out to avoid further offending him. The basic rules to remember are:

To ensure that the year a smooth and rewarding year ahead, remedial steps must be taken to appease him and preventive measures carried out to avoid further offending him. The essential rules to remember are:

To mitigate the above, it is significant the following be observed:

* Tai Sui is particularly sensitive about direct confrontation. Try not to sit facing or sleep with your head pointing to the direction of Grand Duke Jupiter.

* Tai Sui dislikes noise and commotion. Avoid construction work including repair work, in the Tai Sui location.

* Tai Sui is very fond of his pet, the Pi Yao. Appease him by placing the Pi Yao in the affected sector or just wear the Pi Yao as an amulet.

* You never know when and where you have offended Tai Sui. Just in case, carry protective amulets – sacred talisman from temples, Pi Yao, Tai Sui Image or Tai Sui Mantra.

* Perform An Tai Sui or Pacifying Tai Sui ritual to neutralize influences and blessings, protection and good fortune throughout the year.

* Get help from your Zodiac secret friends and allies to overcome challenges, protect against harm and provide great strength for persistency.