The Safety Phenomena of Dental Fillings

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Dentists in all over the world practice the procedure of filling the cavities that are formed on teeth by plaque which is an unwanted germs coating accumulated slowly and gradually. There are different kinds of filling material that are used by Dentists all over the more here. Different conditions are involved in determining the type of filling that’ll be used by Dentist to treat the decayed portion of the tooth. Mostly it is Dentist’s recommendation and the affordability of the patient that counts in the decision. The most common fillings that are in use are: composite resin and the mercury-silver amalgam. The filling that is long lasting with strength is the silver amalgam which is a corrode-free filling thereby making the filling unbreakable. This type of filling is cost-effective as well.

According to the scientific evidences reviewed by FDA the ‘Dental Amalgam Fillings’ are considered safe for children who are six years old or above and adults. According to FDA there is no association between adverse health effects in population and dental amalgam fillings. In-fact, the mercury in amalgam filling is used to bind the metal contents with mercury to make the filling durable and stronger enough to avoid future decaying of teeth and gums. The answer to the question, are Dental Fillings safe, is very simple and clear. Yes, dental fillings are quite safe and benefiting as long as the proper care is continuously taken according to the directives of the Dentist with occasional visits to the more here