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Hire SEO: 8 Tips to Choose

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It’s time to re-launch your online business and hire SEO through an agency dedicated to organic positioning.

We know that this world can give a bit of vertigo due to the ignorance and the great amount of technicalities that involve online marketing Indianapolis digital marketing.

If you are worried about online positioning, you want to know exactly what SEO is and you are looking for someone to guide you in this aspect, keep reading because we have answers for all your questions.

Clarifying concepts of Digital Marketing

Before giving you our advice to decide whether or not you want to hire SEO, we believe that you must understand exactly what the concepts on which you will speak in the meetings mean, and thus be able to assess some of the aspects that we will mention.

Within online marketing there are many actions that can be carried out, but one of the ones that are being worked on most lately is SEO positioning or search engine positioning.

SEO: Search engine optimization

The positioning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are all the actions we perform to improve the location within the search engines (Google, Opera, Safari …). It is these actions that we can do on our own or will make us an agency when hiring SEO.

Just as the neon sign at the entrance will attract the attention of the client, the search engines will reward that our contents solve the question / search that the user has done and position us right before their eyes, on the first page of results.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

The positioning SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are the actions, tools and strategies that we hire to improve our location in the search engine. The SEM is part of many of the actions we can do advertising on the Internet.

Basically we are telling Google, for example, that when someone searches for a specific thing we want to appear and pay for it. It is very useful when our web content does not elevate us in the results naturally or when there is a lot of competition.


As the most used search engine is Google, the SEM and Adwords are two concepts that are studied together, because Adwords is the positioning tool in Google that the multinational has created so that these purchases of space in results are possible.

Difference between SEO and SEM

In conclusion, the difference between SEO and SEM can be seen when we open the search engine:

The results that first appear, usually in orange, are those in which companies have paid Google for being there; The following results are organized according to Google believes that they answer the question that the user has asked.

If we want to have a solid business we should keep the web with a good SEO positioning and only in specific actions to hire the SEM position (for promotions or during the launch of the web, as we would do with a “traditional” business).

They are this type of strategies in which the agency should guide us when contracting SEO with them.

Hire SEO: everything you need to consider

As we have seen, if we have a website and we want to appear in the results of Google we have two options: pay to be the first or work the contents of our website, so that the search engine identifies us as a solution to the needs of the user (client in power).

It will be important that, if you do not control the whole world of digital marketing and do not have time to take care of everything that is published on your website, values ​​the option to hire SEO , be a company that has just been born or one that takes time in search engines , but that does not have a good web positioning.

1. Beware of “sell fumes”

All of us who work in the digital world know that SEO positioning is not a job that can be done overnight, so we recommend that you distrust SEO with those who can assure you a web positioning or results in one week.

In addition, as it is a very precise and precise work, which involves many hours of research and analysis, distrust the agencies that put an excessively cheap price or give the same price indistinctly.

How much time will you dedicate to your project if the budget you have given does not even come to eat? How can you have a standardized price if search engine positioning has a different strategy for each company?

2. Ask your customers

As you do with the hotels, restaurants and events you go to, research the digital reputation that the company has left: comments on your Google profile, Facebook.

They may have an area with ratings on their website or a customer area, where you can get information to know how satisfied those who have worked with them are.

3. Look at your positioning

Just as you have researched the image that your clients and web users have of the SEO Agency that you are going to hire, try searching in the search engines to see how your search engine positioning is.

You can also choose to search several agencies on the web and contact those with a better SEO web positioning and, then, analyze all the aspects that we are recommending.

4. Pay attention to the care for the details

When you’re going to hire SEO, keep in mind that there are many techniques that can be used to increase both visibility and traffic.

The agency should share with you the working methodology, if reports will be presented and how often, what are the objectives and indicators (KPIs) in which they will be set.

It is important that you bear in mind that SEO positioning is made up of many aspects and that the SEO Agency must take them all into account in order to transmit reliability.

5. Verify your professionalism

In addition to the client portfolio and web positioning, to know if an SEO Agency can give you more confidence in professionalism, you can see if on your website they have the “Google Partners ” certificate , which Google Adwords gives to the company that is formed by Google as an expert Adwords agency .

Maybe to hire SEO is not relevant, but this certificate proves that it is an Agency that is kept trained and can offer you more long-term services.

6. Assess the closeness

When you contact an SEO Agency and tell them about your project, analyze their response and their involvement. You should hire SEO in those agencies that see as objective the triumph of your company.

In addition, look in your proximity for your interest in facilitating a good conversation between both parties, that everything is clear.

7. Pay attention to the fine print

When you are going to hire SEO, clauses such as permanence or cancellation conditions are also signed, which you must take into account if at any time you wish to cancel the service.

8. Search, compare and if you find something better, stay with it

Once you have several economic valuations and have known the details of several SEO Agencies, analyze which is the proposal that best suits your project and your budget.