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5 Tips to Sell Your Apartment Better

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If you have decided to offer a flat or a house for sale, the first impression the buyer finds is vital to make the purchasing decision. Set-Up of the property is basic to be able to sell your apartment at the best price and in a short period of time, and it is not necessary to make major reforms but to have a small account that will improve the appearance and value of your
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1- Neutral decoration

As the popular expression “about tastes there is nothing written” says, what we like may not please everyone, and it is convenient to depersonalize your floor to the maximum so that the buyer can imagine their future home more easily. It is advisable to remove personal items such as photographs, pictures, decorative elements, etc. And if we have rooms with bright or dark colors, the best thing is to paint the floor in white.

If the apartment for sale is an old, inherited flat or is in poor condition, it is best to present it totally empty, without furniture, painted white and clean. This small investment will make it revalue much more than what was invested.

2- Order and cleaning

An orderly floor will always look more spacious and cozy. It is important that the rooms are tidy and ventilated, the clothes inside the closet, toys collected and the kitchen clean, without dirty dishes or pots in sight, and monitor the smells throughout the house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. As for the furniture, if possible, the convenience is that it is only just and necessary, avoiding large and loaded furniture and it is very important that visitors can move around the house in a smooth and unhindered way.

3- Lighting

It is one of the factors that buyers will pay more attention to. The floor has to be shown with all the climbs and at the time of day where the exposure to the Sun and natural light is the highest. The convenient thing is to prepare everything before the visit arrives and find all rooms already lit or with the light on if the room is indoors.

4- Quality photographs

If you have decided to publish photographs of the apartment on real estate portals, the photographs must faithfully reflect the house and enhance the best of each property. The house should be perfectly arranged and illuminated before the photo shoot, and it is best to take all the pictures in horitzontal position with a good camera and from the corners of the rooms, even photograph the same room from different points to be able to make a more exact idea of ​​how it is and its distribution. It is not recommended to retouch the photographs to hide or disguise defects since, apart from the fact that it is not ethical, after the visit the buyer cannot be disappointed.

5- Choose a good real estate agency

The sale of a flat is a big money transaction where many factors come into play, and being well advised by a trusted real estate agent will give security in the operation and an incalculable added value. From contractual and legal aspects to a correct valuation of the property through filtering the visits unproductive and promote the property among themselves clients of the agency and the largest number of real estate portals and abroad.