5 Tips to Better Manage Your Time

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Why do we sometimes feel that others have more time than us? Why do we feel that time is passing through our fingers? Wondering how you can better manage your time? Are you wondering if it is possible to reconcile social life, family life, work, physical health and mental health? So this article is for you here we address these issues feng shui course wofs.com.

We can already say that we all have the same time. For everyone, every minute of the day counts. It is our disposition of ourselves that will make the difference, and it depends on each one of us.

In a society in which competition prevails and where everything is going too fast, knowing how to manage your time is an essential and even indispensable quality. That’s one of the reasons a company can hire us. This is one of the reasons why we feel useful or useless.

In the rest of this article we give you five tips to better manage your time. Take notes!

1. Planning is key

Planning is the first key to better manage your time. Devoting a few minutes to the programming of your day, your week, the month or even the year allows us to be effective. This vision of the future allows us to identify our priorities, and this allows us to determine what is urgent and what is not.

It is also important to consider the time that each task requires. It is equally important to contemplate the possibility that many unforeseen events may arise. Allow a few minutes margin between the different tasks.

For example, if today you plan to go shopping, call a friend, send an email to your co-workers, prepare a special dinner and finish a presentation, plan for a margin between each of these activities so that the precipitation does not accompany you throughout the day because of an unexpected that you had not thought.

Take into account travel, technical problems, unplanned distractions, queues, traffic.

2. The manual agenda, an essential tool to better manage your time

What type of calendar do you use to better manage your time?

A study done by the University of California (USA) showed that students memorize better and organize better when taking notes by hand. The other option was to use a keyboard.

The reason is this: when we take notes by hand, we activate the fine psychomotor area and thus create deeper traces of long-term memory. When we devote time to this task, our brain is able to order ideas and assimilate concepts.

Using a manual agenda allows us to create a mental map of our time and the tasks to be done. It is also a valuable tool to put an end to intrusive thoughts, as we dedicate all our resources to the object we have in our hands.

In addition, using a color system can help us better organize our priorities. It will also help us to activate the visual memory and thus to memorize better.

3. The morning willpower, a trick to better manage your time

When we get up in the morning, our mental resources, such as the will, have normally recovered from the tiredness of the day before. It is for this reason that many specialists recommend that the first hours of the day is spent on the tasks we like the least … or the ones that concern us the most.

If we do it differently, we take the risk of delaying these tasks and, above all, not fulfilling our objectives. As a result, we will have more tasks to do the next day, which will generate negative emotions.

4. The moments of relaxation, essential moments

Our brain needs moments of relaxation, that is to say moments during the day during which we leave room for improvisation, creativity and our desires.

It is a question of providing free time during his day. Not only does it make us feel better but it also frees us from the feeling that we are the slave of our agenda.

A recent study showed that every time we lose our concentration, we take an average of twenty-three minutes to find it.

5. Reduce distractions to better manage your time

A good workspace, good planning, a good work routine, good hours of sleep , a good diet adapted to our level of activity and our leisure activities are key elements to make the most of each day.

Keep in mind that we all have the same time … We all have the same minutes in a day. The difference between an effective person and a less effective person depends on the organization and the sense of priorities.