5 Reasons to Consider Green Tea if You Are an Athlete.

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We know that green tea is good for health, but perhaps we do not know for sure, exactly what are the benefits and positive effects that can bring to our daily lives, especially for those who practice a healthy and athletic life. For athletes, including green tea in their breakfast is a great contribution to training, since it is assimilated slower compared to a cup of coffee and prolongs energy levels for longer.

For those who would like to add a thermogenic supplement to their daily diet for their athletic activities, green tea is an excellent option Athletic Greens reviews. On the one hand, it helps to burn fat by accelerating your metabolism, without adversely affecting the cardiovascular system.

Thinking of other advantages for athletes, a cup of green tea is ideal for muscle recovery. After intense training, this drink offers a positive contribution to fatigued muscles. It is so much so, that it even helps to improve the capacity of physical resistance, giving that extra push that the athlete needs to complete his athletic session.

To be always healthy, green tea is responsible for increasing the oxidation of fatty acids in the muscle when you exercise, offering at the same time a contribution of antioxidants that reduce the level of free radicals that occur during periods of intense exercise. It is possible to take it as a supplement before, after and at other times of the day to reach all its benefits.

Extra : Did you know that its  high content of catechin and isoflavones make green tea an anti-aging agent? On your way to a healthier life, it will relieve your stress from day to day; it will keep you away from colds and flu. It will serve as protection against food poisoning, will balance your daily pressure and will be a natural and organic hepatoprotector.

With green tea in your daily consumption, your immune system becomes stronger and stronger. In addition, it can be mixed with other medicinal herbs such as mint and lemon juice. Consumed hot or cold, depending on the season. Remember that I love you green!