10 Simple Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

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Why do men want to increase their testosterone at all costs? Simple: this male sex hormone is responsible for how masculine, muscular, big and strong the body develops.

Therefore it is easy to understand why there are so many alternatives, natural and otherwise, to increase the amount of this hormone. However, the repercussions of some treatments are serious and irreparable and range from breast development to the risk of suffering a heart attack or liver cancer fat burners.

So that does not happen to you follow these tips and start increasing your testosterone naturally:

10. Consume more zinc to increase the production of this hormone through a diet based on fish, meat, dairy and beans.

9. Optimize your vitamin D levels from a supplement like the one contained in vitamins D3 or through a tanning chamber.

8. Integrate healthy fats into your diet, for example, seeds, olive oil, egg or avocado.

7. To strengthen the synthesis of proteins that make up the skeletal muscles and increase testosterone levels consume amino acids through lean meat.

6. Reduce the consumption of sugars because testosterone levels are hindered every time your body processes it.

5. Decrease the intake of fats and carbohydrates so that your testosterone level stays and does not decrease due to the glycemic content that runs through your blood.

4. Try not to stress yourself constantly, otherwise, your cortisol will trigger and this will block the natural effects of testosterone on your body.

3. Train with greater intensity so that through a short but powerful routine you prevent the fall of your testosterone levels.

2. Sleep enough to feel rested during the day, because during your sleep hours your body produces two important hormones: growth hormone and testosterone.

1. Reduce your alcohol intake as much as you can to avoid the degenerative damage it causes your testicular cells (leydig).